Youth Group Feels Budget Cuts

Youth Cuts Hurt

Youth Group Performing Their Hearts Out
(Source: Ronald Savage)
USPA NEWS - When walking down the street on 125th in Harlem you may feel the budget cuts to youth programs when you see youth performing to draw attention to them selfs to make you aware they exist. When the youth group is as great as this one they need to be performing at Carnegie Hall.
The Marching Cobra's
Source: Ronald Savage
When many youths turn to music videos, bars, and hanging on the corners because of the lack of caring from Albany powers that be in the State of New York that has cut so many youth projects and programs there is something drawing attention in Harlem and that's cobras, The Marching Cobra's who are a youth group of the Cobra's Performing Arts in Harlem, New York at 301 west 140th street.
Marching Cobra's on 125th Street in Harlem, NY.
Source: Ronald Savage
You can see this great youth performing band and dancers performing many of their great numbers on the streets of Harlem on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. Crowds of approx eighty and more stand around cheering the outstanding band and dancers who give tips after tips to help the program to raise money. " You know program cuts have hurt many youth programs and we are trying to bring back the culture of marching bands," said Terrel J. Stowers director of bands at the Cobra Performing Arts, " Our program is open to all youth" again said, Mr. Stowers. The New York City Council funds youth programs each year if you have a program seek out funding from the City Councilmember in your City Council District and hope to be the next shining performing group.
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