Fly Like An Eagle

An Eagle Stands Guard in Harlem

An Eagle stands on guard
(Source: Ronald Savage)
USPA NEWS - An eagle stands on guard around the corner from Chuck E Cheese on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in Harlem were thousands of people walk every day. " Oh my god is that an eagle" people yell out as they pass this corner looking up and seeing an eagle holding a dead rat with it's feet.
Eagle sits with a rat in the rip of it's feet
Source: Ronald Savage
Residences state that this eagle has been seen as far back as more than three months ago and feel this eagle is a danger to the community as mothers with baby's in carriages pass by without even knowing above them sitting on a sign is a huge eagle. Just yesterday this eagle was just sitting there with a dead rat with-in his grip of its feet. Sharon James say's "This eagle can just swoop down and grab a baby out of the carriage with no problem" People yelled "look up before he drops the rat on you" telling unsuspected individuals as they walked by. The dangerous issue here is that Chuck E Cheese is around the corner from where this eagle sits daily as thousands of children visit and take their food out and eat it walking pass this eagle, people say they have reported the issue but it has fallen on deaf ears. More and more wildlife are being seen in the city of New York with one of the biggest sightings being raccoons walking around during the day giving the sign that they are sick because raccoons are night animals, this is very alarming what is taking place in the inner city of New York.
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