Kashmir Conference on Kashmir Solidarity Day Organised by GPKC

at British House of Parliament London

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USPA NEWS - Kashmir Conference on Kashmir Solidarity Day Organized by Global Pakistan Kashmir Council at British House of Parliament London*

The Global Pakistan Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander Khan hosted the Kashmir Conference, to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th. The event aimed to express solidarity with the Kashmiri brothers and sisters enduring hardships under oppressive circumstances.

The Kashmir Conference commenced with the auspicious name of Almighty ALLAH, Imam Oxford University Dr Sheikh Ramzy recited the Holy Quran.
Raja Sikander Khan Chairman Global Pakistan Kashmir Council, extended a warm welcome to the participants and provided insights into the objectives and endeavors of the organization. He paid tribute to the brave people of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmir and highlighted on the past over 7 decades of human rights voilations and atrocities committed on upon them by the hands of brutal Indian armed forces, he also highlighted the present situation in Illegally Indian Occupation of Kashmir which I getting far worse than ever
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Lord Qurban Hussin a Life member of Upper House of Lord, he highlighted the many issues of Kashmiri people whom are the victims of torture and brutality by the hands of facist Indian security forces and emphasised on British Government to intervene and resolve the burning issue of Illegally Indian Occupied Kashmiris according to the desires of the Kashmiri people.

Distinguished speakers, including Barristar Mahmood Khan, Chairman Human Rights Movement Prof. Shahid Iqbal, Dr Sheikh Ramzy, President Greater London Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sultan Zil-Ul Husnain Ali Khan, President Greter London PPP Mian Saleem, Cllr Zahoor Khan, Lorna Marah, Advisor to President AJK Ch Dil Pazeer, Raja Mohammad Yasin, Vaqas Chohan, Naghma Iqbal, Muhammad Azad Jarral, Sheikh Rahman, Raja Abdul Qayyum, Sajid Khan, Naila Iqbal, Mian Shahjhan, Raja Iftikhar, Uzma Jafri, Qaisar Mahar, Zahida Gulam Rasool, Arshad Mahmood, Habeeba, shed light on the historical context of Kashmir and India's relentless aggression in occupied Kashmir.
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Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist London
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The Information Seceratery Tehreek e kashmir Rehana Ali read out the statement of the President Tahreek e Kashmir UK Fahim Kayani who was in Europe hosting Kashmir seminars and could not be present at the Kashmir Conference in London and shared his support and solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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