National Action Network Conference

April 6th, 2022 - April 9th, 2022

NAACP President NYC Branch Hazel, Jessie Jackson (Source: Ron Savage)
NAACP President NYC Branch Hazel, Jessie Jackson
(Source: Ron Savage)
Hip Hop Movement - NAN works extensively to promote a modern civil rights agenda, including one standard of justice for all people and social equity for all communities.
Reverent Al Sharpton
Source: Ron Savage
This year's Nation Action Network convention was full of joy and happiness, people got a lot of information and knowledge out of the different panels. Each panelist got to speak about their expertise on the subject at hand. people came from all over the different states just to say they were there, it was standing room only that's how crowed and a great turnout this historical event was special with guests from United States Secretary Hillary Clinton, NAACP President for the New York City Branch Hazel Dukes to Civil Rights Leader Reverend Jessie Jackson. One of the highlighted panels was for the Cancel Culture packed with great panelists. Some of the past panelists and special guests at the convention were President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Coretta Scott King, Denzel Washington, John Legend, and many other dignities. To learn more about the Nation Action Network convention you can visit their website at Nation Action Network conventionn,

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